mini MP3 přehrávač, LCD displej, FM radio, USB, MicroSD až 32GB

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Mini Portable USB Flash MP3 Player LCD Screen Support Flash 32GB TF/SD Card Slot Digital mp3 music player 

1. Stylish and compact shape design, exquisite workmanship, a variety of color visual sense, a screen design, more intuitive and convenient to see the use of information.
2. With radio function, you can listen to radio and increase the fun of radio
3 economical and practical, small size, simple and convenient operation, behind the back clip design, suitable for carrying out, when used for sports travel, but also when the decorations are absolutely indispensable fashion elements.
4. The machine comes with  fast charging,  high-quality sound, to meet the music needs of music enthusiasts.
5 can be used as a USB flash drive, save the file information is convenient and quick, plug and play without driving
6. External memory card can meet different capacity requirements (memory card needs to be self-provisioned)
7. Anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference
8. Support Chinese and English languages
1. In order to prolong the life of the machine and battery, do not charge for a long time. It is recommended to flush for 2 hours or so (no change during charging or after the charging is completed. Please strictly control the charging time to avoid damage to the battery and the machine. )
2. This product is bare metal (excluding: headphones, USB data cable, memory card)
3. Do not connect the USB port of the computer for more than 2 hours. When the MP3 is removed from the computer, it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the computer operating system. Remove the hardware and then unplug the MP3. Otherwise, the MP3 player can easily be created. Missing software program.
4. In the normal use of the new machine, please do not upgrade the firmware of the MP3 player.UQ0020(6)UQ0020(1)UQ0020(4)UQ0020BUQ0020(3)UQ0020LUQ0020RUQ0020S

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