Blikačka na kolo, 5LED+2 x Laser, 7 modů, voděodolná

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  • Nákup v Číně bez rizika Nákup v Číně bez rizika
  • Doručení ZDARMA přímo z Číny za 7-25 dnů Doručení ZDARMA přímo z Číny za 7-25 dnů
  • Asistence při reklamacích Asistence při reklamacích

Packing safety enough ! The best Price! You will like them  !

The Following 7 Picture are Red Bicycle Rear Light (5 Red LED Light +2 Red Laser)

2016.3.9 bike rear light
The Following 5 Picture are Blue Bicycle Rear Light (5  Blue   LED Light +2 Red Laser)
2016.3.92 bike rear light
                          Usage Method:
This little laser beam tail light will ensure your safety while riding in the darkness.
It has 5 LEDs and 2 laser bulbs. The LED and the laser work independently
This safety light can be mounted on 20-36mm seat post.
The length and position of the laser beam varies with the angle you mount the lamp
Compact body type (weight 61 grams), professional design allows you to fully experience the joy of travel Jane LRT line!

Pack Includes:

1 x Bicycle Laser Beam Rear Tail Light Lamp
1 x Bicycle Mount
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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