INBIKE Anti Hydraulic zámek proti přestřižení, odolá tlaku až 12 tun

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Foldable bike lock


Features and specifications:

• Product name: Inbike foldable bike lock
• Weight: about 910 grams (2 lb)
• Folded size: 130 x 55 x 30 mm (5.1 x 2.2 x 1.2 in)
• Maximum lock range 210 x 210 mm (8.2 x 8.2 in)

Standard version: High manganese steel

Updated version: Anti 12-ton hydraulic pressure stainless steel

Key features:
• Made from stainless steel covered with ABS rubber paint, which can effectively prevent it damaging the bike frame
• Weather and rust-resistant protects the lock from damaging and auto repair
• C-class cylinder for high protection against violent, wear-resistant, high security for your bike.
• Advanced car rotary riveting technology to reduce the joints gap and remain tight

INBIKE alloy steel folding lock
Made of high-strength alloy steel, anti-theft

Anti-hydraulic shear
Alloy steel
Portable and foldable
C grade lock cylinder

Product information

• Name: Folding lock D908
• Material: Stainless steel, rubber paint
• Anti-shear: Anti 12-ton hydraulic scissors
• Size: 65 x 30 x 130 mm (2.56 x 1.18 x 5.12 in)
• Weight: 910 grams
• Inner diameter: 200 mm
• Color: Black/orange

Package includes:
• 1 x Lock
• 2 x Key
• 1 x Mount
• 2 x Ribbon
• 2 x Screw

Key features:
• Foldable
• Thickened lock
• Wrapped with ABS
• High-strength
• Anti-professional thief

Regular and anti-hydraulic (2 types to choose from)

• 2 x Screw
• 2 x Key (anti-hydraulic)
• 2 x Key (regular)
• 2 x Ribbon
• 1 x Buckle
• 1 x Packing box

10 Advantages

automatically repairable
no scratch

folding design

stainless steel heat treatment
solid and hard

embedded rotary riveting technology
join is more solid

unilateral folding
easy to store

C grade lock cylinder
anti-technology open

anti-drilling lock cylinder
anti-violence open

large lock space
diameter is about 20cm

complex keys structure
very safe

seamless joint

Automatically repairable
Rubber spray paint, no scratches

Foldable design
Portable, can be put into pocket

Stainless alloy steel
Anti-hydraulic type is solid and hard, several times stronger than ordinary locks
(Cutting machine test)

Advanced rotary riveting technology
Anti-friction, anti-pry, not easy to deform

C grade lock cylinder
Complex structure, anti-master key

Large lock space
Many methods to lock, lock what you want
Frame and wheel can be locked together

Seamless joint
Seamless connection

Unilateral folding
Convenient and easy to store

Anti-force test

Outdoor showcase

Bottle holder
Install on the bottle rack
Fix on the seat tube with ribbons


• Strong rivets: Made of stainless steel, with a series of precision processes
• Closed connection: Exine wrapped with ABS, not easy to scrape the car
• Lock mount: Fashionable and convenient to use
• Anti-dust cover: Protects lock cylinder from rain and dust, long service time
• Lock cylinder technique: Produced by numerical control machine 36 times
• Easy installation: Smooth and convenient to use


1) Fix lock mount with screws
2) Put the lock in to mount
3) Finish


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